The agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for competition protection (ANTIMONOPOLY AGENCY)

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Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, N.A. Nazarbayev, to the people of Kazakhstan of January 28th, 2011 year
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09 december 2011 y.

In Agency of the Republic Kazakhstan for competition protection (Antimonopoly agency) the next session of Methodical council was held

At session of Methodical council results of preliminary considerations of data on infringements of the antimonopoly law concerning a number of retail off takers of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS and other subjects of the markets have been considered.
Following the results of preliminary consideration signs of the anticompetitive coordinated actions, regarding an establishment and maintenance of the coordinated prices for PETROLEUM PRODUCTS – IB "Sadykov M. S", LLC "Prohodova T.G.", IB "Brizhan N.V.", IB "Svirnina L.V.", IB " SmotrovaL.G.", IB  "Ospanov A.M." ( Ridder) which have admitted disproportionate growth of cost prices to procurement prices (subitem 1) item 1 of item 11 Law of RК «About a competition»).
Besides, following the results of preliminary considerations, signs of infringement of the antimonopoly law are seen in a part:
- The anticompetitive coordinated actions of LLC "East-milk" and  LLC "Bagration Ulan" (Ust’ Kamenogorsk), regarding an establishment of the coordinated prices for sour-milk production by disproportionate growth of cost prices to growth of the cost price of production (sub item 1) item 1 of item 11 Law of RK«About a competition»);
- Abusing the leading position, regarding application of the different prices without reasons of Open Company objectively justified on that «Red Presnya» (Kostanajsky oblast’), LLC «Bulaevsky elevator» (sub item 2) item 13 Law of RK «About a competition»);

- Abusing a leading position, regarding an establishment of exclusively high prices in Open Company "agrarian and industrial complex Kazagro" actions (Kostanajskaya oblast’ (sub item 1) item 13 Law of RK «About a competition).
On all revealed facts of infringements of the antimonopoly law investigations on which results the Agency will inform in addition will be made.
Methodical council petitions for granting of the consent to the further activity of legal bodies with state participation also considered.
On the majority of petitions, considering the presented materials, decisions on granting of the consent to continuation of the further activity of the companies are made.
In view of enough developed competition in the market of leasing services by Methodical council decided on joint-stock company «Kazakhstan transport leasing company» throughout the further activity with the state participation refusal was accepted.
Following the results of discussion results of consideration of the petition on the further activity of joint-stock company «Mortgage organization «Kazakhstan mortgage company »the decision on preservation of 50 % + 1 action of the Society behind Committee of the state property and privatization of the Ministry of Finance of Republic Kazakhstan is accepted. Other share of a share holding should be transferred in the market.
At session of Methodical council results of the analysis of the market of services in export and a burial place of an is firm-household waste on Astana for 2010 and 1st half-year 2011, and also results of the analysis of the market of retail realization the electric power (electrical supply) on the Karagandinskaya oblast’ are considered.
By results of the spent analyses of Methodical council is recommended to take out on board meeting of Agency a question on modification and additions in the State register of subjects of the market occupying dominating or a monopoly position.