The agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for competition protection (ANTIMONOPOLY AGENCY)

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Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, N.A. Nazarbayev, to the people of Kazakhstan of January 28th, 2011 year
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09 november 2011 y.

The law «About competition», installed on January, 1st, 2009, provides systematic reduction of the state participation in economy.
Work thus spent by Agency has shown a considerable share government structures in economy (more than 6 000 organizations), besides their annual increase were observed.
Thereupon, within the limits of realization of articles 77 and 78 Laws «About a competition» Agency are spent work on streamlining of activity of state enterprises, joint-stock company, Open Company with the state participation and affiliated people with them in the competitive environment by means of definition of those organizations which is necessary to transfer in the competitive market.

Transfer of legal bodies with state participation in the competitive environment will give an impulse to competition development in economy sectors, will involve in them the private capital, will positively affect development of small and average business.
During realization of articles 77 and 78 Laws «About competition» Agency considered 4 991 petition for granting of the consent to the further activity of state enterprises and legal bodies with state participation, 4 635 of them the consent to the further activity is given (including 505 under condition of an exception of the charter of separate kinds of activity), 356 is refused granting of the consent to the further activity.
According to articles 77, 78 Laws «About a competition» actions (share) of legal bodies, more than 50 % of which actions (shares) belong to the state, and affiliated people with them who have not received the consent of antimonopoly body on the further activity till April, 1st, 2012 should be exposed on the auctions.
The state enterprises which have not received the positive conclusion on the further activity, should be privatized or transformed to official body.
Thereupon, with a view of a situation non-admission when because of untimely giving in antimonopoly body of the petition, under threat existence of the legal person with state participation will be put, it is necessary to provide giving by legal bodies with participation of the state of petitions for granting of the consent to the further activity till November, 20th т.г.